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 How classes work: for the teachers and the students

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PostSubject: How classes work: for the teachers and the students   Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:53 pm

This works as either making a lesson, test, quiz, or exam

A lesson just means that you post information and keep it up for a certain amount of time

A quiz is questions that total to be worth 100 points

A test is worth 250 points or more with questions

An exam is worth 500 points or more at the end of a unit

Interactive lesson- a thread(Unlocked) with facts and questions for people to post and answer, after the question is answered, 10 points are awarded for the right answer, and 5 for a partially correct answer, no points are deducted for the wrong answer.

After a quiz or test message the points being awarded to each house to me so I can award them.

PM me with any questions.
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How classes work: for the teachers and the students
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