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 Job descriptions and application instructions

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Job descriptions and application instructions Empty
PostSubject: Job descriptions and application instructions   Job descriptions and application instructions Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 6:43 pm

Moderators: Your jobs will be to keep your forums in check, making sure other people follow the rules, and punishing them for breaking them. DO NOT delete any accounts without my okay first.
Application for Moderator: PM me saying what qualifies you as a moderator

Prefects: Moderator for their common room
Application for Prefect: Prefects will be voted on, the campaigning process will begin when we have enough members

Head of House: Moderator for their common room; also will chose on spirit week or house event dates
Application for Head of House: Voted on, campaigning process beginning when there are enough members

Teachers: Post lessons for their class, also must send the points earned for each house every month (gives points for lessons)
Application: Message me with the class you want to teach

Sample lesson for teachers:
Defense against the dark arts lesson 1; Boggarts
(describe a boggart here)
1. Question 1 (20 points)
2. Question 2 (30 Points
3. Question 3 (30 points)
4. Question 4 (20 Points)
5. Extra credit (10 points)

All teachers must have their lessons equal 100 points without extra credit and award points for the answer content to the house of the student who answered. Any teacher caught favoring their own house will be fired immediately and have double the points taken from their house that they awarded, with a possible chance of Expulsion depending on the severity of the favoring.
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Job descriptions and application instructions
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