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 Roleplaying rules.

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Roleplaying rules. Empty
PostSubject: Roleplaying rules.   Roleplaying rules. Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 3:04 pm

Here is where I will explain role-playing. First off, a role-play is a thread in which multiple users of a forum are in character. Roleplays are written in the form of a third person book.
Good role-playing: Danny walked into the woods, the dark feeling of being watched creeping over him. He shut his eyes and trembled with fear.
Bad role-playing: *walks into woods and is scared*
Please try to follow the first example.
Second off, role-plays should be free of smilies. Anyone caught using smilies in this forum will be considered spammers and be warned, after that be banned for up to 3 days.
Third, role-plays should be free of drug,alcohol, and oversexual content. (Oversexual is anything more than a passionate kiss) however, your characters can drink responsibly over the age of 21, just not be alcoholics. You can have gay/lesbian characters, however, if this is a romance role-play, then you MUST say "contains slash" at the title of your thread.
Now, I will give examples of putting a title at your role-play based on plots.
Role-play one (plot): a girl moves to the city and meets a girl, they start out as friends and later begin to date.
Role-play one (title): City girl (Non HP/Romance/ Contains slash/ open)
Role-play two (plot): A character in Hogwarts goes on an adventure full of action.
Role-play two (title): Hogwarts adventure (Action/HP)

HP/Non-HP means harry potter related. Add this to avoid confusion about what it is like. Any other questions about role-playing please message me before using the forum, as you could be spamming by mistake.
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Roleplaying rules.
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